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RavenWorks's Journal


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potential Team Hatoful game: Gone Home?
- It's short (barely over 2 hours)
- Plenty of feels (:P), but not in too downer-y a way
- I played it solo, but I really felt like it would have been the kind of game that would be great to play with people to discuss it as it goes
- Plenty of things to read aloud, even (although there's also some narration spoken aloud by the game)

It's a first-person exploration thing -- like The Stanley Parable, except not insane :P I don't want to say too much about it, because going in blind is kind of the point, but it's about a family.

Part of me doesn't want to spoil (and semi-pirate?) the game by making a video that just walks straight through it, but.... I guess if someone hasn't played it by now, then they won't play it at all anyway... (or maybe we could just do the first few sections and let people finish it themselves?)

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"Like The Stanley Parable, but not insane."

So basically, nothing like The Stanley Parable? :b

But yeah, that could be one to put up for consideration.

Heh, yes - The Stanley Parable is composed of 100% insanity. There's nothing left after taking away that ;)

I've been meaning to look at it, and this could be a great way to experience it.

I am highly interested in that game. I was actually going to check it out at some point, but just ... never got around to it, been busy, etc. (Plus FurFright happened and I need to slow down spending money a little.)

Actually, I am so interested that I might just want to play it myself rather than waiting and doing it blind with the group, but ... maybe if I can do both and just join you on the "I played this game before but I won't say anything" side when the group goes for it. :D

I mentioned it in the post, but I'll say it again here: I wish I'd had someone to talk to as I was playing it! Hence I thought it would be great for a stream.... There's not much to lose in terms of who steers -- I hope I'm not spoiling much if I say that there's no irreversible choices, good or bad -- so there isn't too much to do differently in a solo playthrough.... You can still try it yourself if you want, but I'm already worried about it being too awkward that one of us has to hold their tongue the whole time...

Without actually having played it, it looks like a very atmospheric game, which can go one of two ways for me. Either it's the sort of thing that's best in a live mostly-blind group that can react off of each other and share in the experience, or it's the sort of thing that's better when I can find some solitude, get into the game without worrying about how I look in front of anyone else, and just ... you know ... me-time with it. If you're saying that this game is closer to the better-with-groups pile ... well, you've played it and I haven't, so I guess you would know! :O I'll think about it.

(Funnily enough, you compared it to the Stanley Parable, which I am completely avoiding even to the point of skipping all of David's videos on it so far, because that's another one I want to tackle at some point.)

Edited at 2013-11-20 06:04 am (UTC)

You could try a few minutes of it! I do think it's the kind of thing that engenders conversation though, or at least it was for me.... I could see why you'd want to play Stanley yourself though, since that's the kind of game that's all about asserting choice.

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