RavenWorks (ravenworks) wrote,

potential Team Hatoful game: Gone Home?

- It's short (barely over 2 hours)
- Plenty of feels (:P), but not in too downer-y a way
- I played it solo, but I really felt like it would have been the kind of game that would be great to play with people to discuss it as it goes
- Plenty of things to read aloud, even (although there's also some narration spoken aloud by the game)

It's a first-person exploration thing -- like The Stanley Parable, except not insane :P I don't want to say too much about it, because going in blind is kind of the point, but it's about a family.

Part of me doesn't want to spoil (and semi-pirate?) the game by making a video that just walks straight through it, but.... I guess if someone hasn't played it by now, then they won't play it at all anyway... (or maybe we could just do the first few sections and let people finish it themselves?)
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